Quality Policy

At Megafold, our Quality Policy summarizes the essential elements of our commitment for excellence and includes:

Megafold treats customer requirements as the main objective in producing quality products.
The various demands from customers has striven the company to have continuous improvement and constant renew technologies to uphold its commitment in producing good quality products. In addition, the innovative design choices provided by the company has increase the confident in customer in choosing its products.

Ensure preference and consistency.
Due to the rapid change of technology, Megafold ensures its team undergo the right training and implement them in the design and architecture of products.

The Company utilizes high quality parts and components with quality control system.
Today, it stands as Market leader which most of Architect or Designer would recommend or use its products due to the fine quality in the products.

The company provides warranty upon complete installation of products.
Its professional teams and technicians would be glad to call back and find out the root cause of the problems during service call.

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