Our Team

Megafold currently has a growing professional staff strength exceeding 40 professionals consisting of Space Planners, Concept Designers, 3D Designers, Project Managers, Site Coordinators and Technicians. Each of them owns different expertise and experiences, however, they are good team player which possesses similar characteristic which contribute to Megafold success.


Megafold would not be a market leader status if utilize only single solutions and design for producing operable walls. The rapid change of technology and ever changing demands from customerdrive our team to be capable to fulfil them. Trainings are provided to the team to have the capability to manage challenges projects, produce modern design and wall architecture. The training knowledge are implemented on on-going projects.


For the past twenty years, Megafold has worked with different customers from different industries and different countries where their requirements varies from one to another. By working with different customers, the team gained valuable experiences which are not learn from trainings.


Everyone at Megafold is committed to working as one, and to building ever-stronger relationships with customers, communities and all other stakeholders.At Megafold, we accepted multiple projects with different level of challenges. These challenges trigger our team to work closely ensuring the products are successfully deliver to customers. They work their very best to think out of the box which does not bore them of daily works.


Megafold would not success with the existence of the team. We consider for our team welfare beings are as important as our customers. Our care has motivated our team to work with us for several years even for more than a decade!

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