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Making the statement of "creating MEGA space with FOLD concept" and we are proud to be called "Megafold".

Megafold's philosophy is to give its customers world class acoustic operable wall quality services with the elements of budgets, deadlines and functions in mind. It is able to help customers utilize their space wisely and efficiently through its years of experience with international standards throughout Asia.

Megafold has operated with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying in Operable Wall and Interior Partition markets.

In Malaysia, Megafold has been well-recognized for supplying the advanced technology and complete functionality of operable walls and it has led Megafold in overtaking local competitors as a leading manufacturer and supplier within the industry. Its success does not deter them from improving product quality. Instead, it consistently improve customer service, employees’ skills and research to achieve the finest products. The company does not only focus on product technical architecture but also provide interior solutions to cater to customer needs in beautifying the walls and transforming modern interiors.

At present, Megafold stands as the most updated and utilized technology in Malaysia. The system it uses are up to German standards, which are highly durable with easy operation and safe to use. The projects of Megafold have been regularly featured in numerous renowned local and international industries included hotels, office buildings, convention centers, restaurants, receptions, showrooms, university and more due to its promising standard.

The company produces a wide range of operable walls selection from Classic Acoustic Walls to Modern Glass Partition walls, which creates the flexibility of space creation with special features such as including bottom track and high acoustic sound attenuation. These luxurious space creations will completely envelope you in a sense of technology and ‘other worldliness’. All our customers are able to enjoy the affordable price of operable walls with flexible space solutions by the company.

Our Designs

Why Choose Us

Megafold has worked with multiples projects locally or overseas and with different level of challenges. Our capability in handling projects have satisfied our customer throughout sales to delivery. Customers’ satisfactions has driven us to move forward to provide better services and solutions to them.

Our attentive customer service team serves customers in gathering every details of requirements and provide suitable design solutions to them.
We got hold of suppliers which supply high quality parts and components, which ensure the long lasting effects and the safeties performance of wall partition. They are quality assured before incorporate into manufacturing products.
The company adhere tostrict safety procedures on final manufactured wall partition. Upon completion, quality assurance and testing are performed before installation at customers’ sites. Even after installation, our engineers perform multiple tests before project handed over as completion.
In relation to above statements and the company’s roles as a market leader in wall partition, we provides very reasonable and competitive prices.

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