Board of Directors

Megafold currently has a growing professional staff strength exceeding 40 professionals consisting of: Space Planners, Concept Designers, 3D Designers, Project Managers, Site Coordinators and Technicians.

Each of them possess different expertise and experiences, however, they are good team players that possesses similar characteristic which contributes to Megafold success.

Mr. Tan Chin Hooi
Founder & CEO

Mr. Tan Chin Hooi is the founder of Megafold. As a CEO, he is responsible in strategize the direction of company moving towards market leading operable walls internationally. In order to achieve the company direction, he actively involved in production planning ensuring products maintain the high quality standards. By working closely with his team, he oversees overall status of company and ensuring the company stays healthy.

Ms. Kueng Hong Lian
HR and Account Director

Ms Kueng Hong Lian is responsible for Human Resource Management and Account Management. She has been serving Megafold since the start of operation. As a member in Board of Directors, she took into the considerations of employing the right and talented person into the team. Having the talented employees remain talented, she offers budget to have training take place for them. Apart from that, she is also responsible for the expenses of Megafold are intact and maintaining company funds by forecasting cash requirements.

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