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Every Corner, the Way You Like It

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to Megafold website. Megafold is a company which specialize in providing solutions from design, manufacturing, supplying to installing operable walls where optimization of space is needed. We have been through 20 years of service the community in providing the best solution in space management. Throughout these years, it has been great experience and challenges for us start from ground zero to one of the key supplier for operable wall in the country.

From our website, you may find out that we provide a wide range of products which suits customer’s need in any situation. All products are integrated with the latest technologies from German and are manufacture locally. We have team which is responsible to explore in depth on the operable walls applications allowing it widely available for customers.

With any business-related endeavor, speed is of the essence. Our company practices the culture of prompt response to customers’ need and requirements. Hence, we are also renowned for our attentive service to customers. Customers’ demands are capture seriously to have them incorporate into our products. Today, we have served multiple customers which are well-known in Malaysia. Other than that, we do also export our products to other countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and etc.

I hope this website give you a pleasure read and understand more on our products and operations, in which, hopefully, Megafold has a part to bring our customers new ideas and new solutions that deliver sustainable results.

Tan Chin Hooi
Founder & CEO

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